Wednesday, 20 November 2013

It has been a while between blogs

I realised I haven't been blogging much this year, it has been manic! Quint Design has tried to create new lines for the online store, build an instagram account and design and create a new app for Quint Design. It has been busy.

The app has taken up every bit of my time when I'm not running my corporate design studio, and running the two little ones around from Hip Hop, Basketball, Soccer, Ballet and Swimming lol. It's been a really tough journey learning to create on a platform I have never worked on before. I'm always up for a challenge, however this was a huge one for me. It is half way through the build and I hope to release it late Feb. I hope you love it and your friends do too!

Photo copyright © Melina Wilkins 2013 "My Sculpture Moments Contest Winner. Sculpture by Rebecca Rose "Look at me" for Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi 2013.

Along the journey of designing corporate work, prints and canvases keepsakes, I decided to start an instagram account to fulfill my creative mind. It has proven to be such a great escape from the restrictions placed upon by clients to design their projects. I have loved every bit of it. It's a new sense of creative freedom. I was so fortunate enough to have many of my photos featured on various forums, which always makes you feel good! However it reached the pinnacle last week when on my birthday, I was announce 1 of 12 finalist for The Sculpture by the Sea, "My Sculpture Moments Photo" Contest. The next day I found out I had indeed won a trip to Perth including flights and accommodation as one of their official photographers for our Cottesloe 10th anniversary exhibition from 7 – 24 March 2014.
I also won a Canon EOSM twin kit camera courtesy of Canon Australia. I was so thrilled to have been chosen out of 3500 photos that were entered.

So I have posted my image that won the competition which was taken on my iphone 4s uploaded via instagram.
I'd love to share my images with you of more sculptures and abstract art and just life in a graphical way... follow me on @quintdesign

The quint app icon, loading screen, landing screen and menu...

If you haven't been to the online store in a while, it's worth checking out if there is anything new added that you haven't seen yet! Happy shopping!

Cheers. Mel x

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Ellen Denegeres coming out | Well bollocks to that I say!!!

After watching a recent interview on 60 minutes where Ellen Denegeres chats about how things were when she 'came out' to the public, it really saddened me. It's such a shame that in the world we live in today, that people just can't be who they are without having to have others judge them.

I have many friends, colleagues and family who are gay, and it bugs me to no end that they have had struggles because of our society and what is "socially" acceptable. Well bollocks to that I say!... Let people love who they want! Rant over...
Comes in print 8x10" size or various canvas size at Down That Little Lane

My latest range of prints & canvases sum up this in a nutshell really. They say "We might not be the same but we are equal." This statement is so powerful as it can be used in so many ways. To express heterosexual, straight, work, home, & social relationships. Just that being a human is equal enough.

It's a great print to hang up and have as a reminder to treat everyone with kindness and respect! mx

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Do you love stylish design and great food?

Well then cervo restaurant + bar is the place for you.  

You all know me as Mel @ quint design, but I wear another hat too for my graphic design business. I thought I'd share an exciting project that I have been working on for the last few months.

A new experience in superb Italian dining has arrived in Northbridge located on Sydney's leafy North Shore called cervo restaurant + bar.

I was fortunate to be involved in creating the corporate identity for cervo restaurant + bar. The logo was created to reflect the meaning of cervo, which is deer in Italian, and from there the business cards, menus, signage, website and all marketing collateral were developed. The look is to compliment the interiors which are very sophisticated, raw and natural.

The cool interiors were designed by a friend, Ben Mitchell of Studio Mitchell Architecture, who did a great job of blending sophisticated design, with simple clean lines, yet creating a place of warmth where diners can unwind and relax. His attention to detail is obvious, as you will see with bespoke leather seats, walls of reclaimed timbers, stag head feature and very cool lighting. His vision for cervo was then further developed with mural art created by Nick Hall. 

Nick Hall is an emerging artist from Sydney’s Northern Beaches. His work utilizes drawing and painting techniques to bring together elements of the animal and the human world in haunting compositions. Nick’s work can be found on the walls of galleries in Sydney, Melbourne and New York, the underside of skateboards, the pages of children’s books and now the walls of restaurants. The chalk wall art will no doubt be a huge talking point amongst diners.

All the photographs were taken by another local called Luc Remond who managed to capture the essence of cervo in his work.
All images ©2012 Luc Remond.

The official launch party was held this week and you can see some of the images of the night here. 

So if you are in the area please go and experience cervo restaurant + bar for yourself and let me know what you think!... mx

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Very Cool Wood Art Sculpture

As a designer, I have my own tastes in art and what I think is awesome, which may differ from many others tastes, but that's what makes it so cool. I love that art in general is never right or wrong, it's just art.

I stumbled across Tate Lowe's wood art sculptures whilst creating a treasury in my ETSY store. I had put together a collection of my favourite black pieces, and this is when I discovered Tate.

Tate Lowe lives in the heart of Michigan. He has blended a mix of his talents to create unique pieces. Most of it comes from a woodworking background acquired through jobs and a personal fascination for the medium of wood. He tries with most of his works to use reclaimed wood from new and old construction. This not only helps keep material out of local landfill, but it gives the piece made from it a story and some character it wouldn’t have otherwise.

He has some gorgeous wooden sculptures that are very contemporary. I just feel in-love with all of his sculptures and just had to buy one. I thought the fact that he was based in the USA that this would not be possible. However, the transaction and shipping fees, were so easy and affordable. So I bought my very first wooden sculpture.

I love straight lines, clean simple design, minimal fuss and anything ultra modern. This is what Tate Lowe delivers.

Please take at look at his works, as you will then understand why I think he is so talented.

You can find Tate Lowe via his website or his ETSY store, just click these links and they will take you there. Be careful, as you may just buy some pieces like I did! :) Mel

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Do you love unique designer kids wearables & artworks?

If you answered yes, then Sarah Miles from evie lala, is the girl for you. She makes everything 'by hand' with most made from natural fibres and carefully selected designer fabrics. Perched in the hills of Australia’s renowned Yarra Valley, evie lala draws inspiration from being part of its rich and vibrant artisan community and its beautiful surrounds.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

father's day print giveaway 2 ways to win a print!!!!!

sunday 2 september 2012 is father's day here in australia. i have created a range called qWords which reflect certain relationships we have. the qWords 'things to love about dad' tram scroll print has some great words like 'thinks he is the boss lol' and 'bond forever'...

so, i would love to give 2 of them away to you.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

releasing the photographer within?.. trying to lol

today i damaged my credit card quite badly, as i just bought my first proper semi pro camera! reason for doing so was to be able to shoot better photos of all the quint design products for you all (oh and maybe a couple of shoots of my toddlers lol). after doing a recent course at the australian centre for photography, i now think i'm a professional photographer NOT. I'm so keen on taking great shots especially after meeting grace of poppy and george.

i meet grace at the art & design markets where we won a free photo shoot session. so we went off to centennial park and she took some of the most beautiful shots of my kids. now this lady has real talent. after doing the course i truly have so much more respect for my fellow creatives in the photography world, as they make it look so easy, don't they.

i'm hoping that with this new toy i can produce some great prints for you all or at least photograph my graphics better! ;)
ciao mel.